Dan Bucko

Creative Director

Brand evangelist, marketing strategist, creative director, multimedia manager, product developer, database director, award-winning designer and team leader.

Expert brand vision, development, alignment and management. Proven team leadership and team management experience.

Successful director, designer, photographer, manager, marketer, owner, strategist and facilitator.

  • Agency and brand experience
  • Fortune 500 retail branding and advertising
  • Blue sky strategy with hands-on execution
  • New product development, implementation and sales
  • New business development, client pitching and project management
  • Creative principal, marketing and advertising lead
  • Responsible for creative teams, freelance artists, programmers, vendors, clients, product and project management
  • Blank page to multi-faceted long-term solutions
  • Corporate to cutting-edge, e-commerce to entertainment
  • Pro bono to seven figure project budgets
  • Fast-paced, multi-project creative and management problem solving
  • Multi-national cross-media branding, advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Seasonal marketing & branding, tier 1 messaging & copywriting
  • Studio & location lifestyle & product photo shoot planning & execution
  • Awarding-winning graphic designer & creative artist
  • Team, individual, partnership and freelance environments

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